First Class


Should I be surprised by how much I was ignorant of before I read the first six chapters?

Proximity, Repetition, Alignment, and in some ways Contrast. That was extra surprising since I like creating art so I thought I at least understood contrast but it seems like I have a long way to go. Half of the bad ads presented were ones I could see myself designing, and when the improved versions were shown they were so much better.

Robin Williams, the author of our book, “The Non-Designer’s Design Book” consistently impressed me with her vast knowledge on how to make ads eye-catching in an organized way.

In fact, all of the different terms make sense, proximity makes such a difference in guiding the eye and helping readers understand what is connected. Repetition makes complete sense because you do not want a jumbled mess on the page, you need an organized design that is consistent. Alignment was another one that threw me off because I never realized how awful the middle alignment is, if it is not over emphasized! Contrast was about more than colors, it was about shapes and sizes, about how if something is going to contrast then we really have to make it give a push, go all the way.

This is a demonstration of a bad ad turned better. Source:


In other news, I learned a lot of names in the first class and the expectations of class. Hopefully I’ll remember some of the people or maybe we’ll do the names around the world activity again so I can remember people outside of “Steven, Tori, Ty.”

The blocks assignment is much more difficult than I imagined. It is strange trying to convey a message using only squares especially since we can only use four squares. I could see how it may improve our design skills though. After all, designs are all about creativity and thinking outside of the box, or in this case, outside of the square.


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