The Importance of an Engaging Poster

Last class…

we looked over the posters that we created.

A lot of them were eye catching and it surprised me how much color was used.

We have a chance to remake our poster, make it better. I suppose I am not sure how to go about that though. I like keeping mine simple, but I guess I don’t understand quite how to make a simple print out exciting.

After that class though I have been keeping an eye out for posters. I look over their designs and try to critically analyze them, even though my eye is not really well trained. It was interesting because I found that posters I would normally consider fine looked sad. They looked as though they needed to be better organized. On the other hand, there were other posters that I saw that I really liked! I think it can be difficult to make a poster that adheres to all of the rules in the book.

I did notice, though, that the cover of the student newspaper looked good. The title was left-aligned and it stood out against the picture but still let the picture show through. I looked at ads online as well to see if there were many that followed the rules laid out in the book. I tried to apply different rules to my own poster but I think I need to work on making it more eye-catching.

This was my redesign of the poster, I used orange and blue for colors.

Overall, I think I have a long way to go before I can design a good, solid poster.


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