Project 2: Squares

I liked the squares I made before on Illustrator but after getting feedback and seeing other projects I felt like my squares weren’t dynamic enough. I ended up having to switch the colors of my first square because I couldn’t figure out how to cut white squares with the clipping mask.

The clipping mask was simple for the white base square with black squares, but the other way around just didn’t work for me. Although I think that the way they turned out was really nice.

My final squares: tension, playful, and hope.

Originally hope was scared but when I was looking at it, I thought it looked more like the light that gives you hope when you’re scared. Working through adjusting each one perfectly was more fun than I anticipated.

I especially enjoyed working on playful because I could see it coming together the way I wanted it to. Tension, on the other hand, was the one that frustrated me. These were all some of my original ideas but just tweaked a bit so they would work with Illustrator.

This project made me realize how versatile different shapes can be. At the beginning I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to make anything that would actually represent a concept without writing it out. People easily understood what I meant by my first squares but I feel like an understanding audience isn’t enough.

You want an audience that connects with your piece. There are plenty of art pieces I understand, and I can see what is happening. The art pieces that I connect with and understand are the ones I remember.



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