Logo Business


Brainstorming was actually really fun. I think I went a little crazy with all the different designs but I enjoyed myself. It was difficult to put those in Illustrator though. Not only that but finding the right contrasting text was difficult for me. Even now I am not sure if I balanced readability well with the fashion aspect.

My 8 business cards

I think I balanced the colors much better than in my final logo project. I really enjoyed playing around with multiple different colors, especially because red, green, and purple seem to be common villain colors. I am glad that purple and yellow worked out well, I was worried that yellow was too heroic.

I ended up going with the purple and yellow card and designing the envelope and letterhead based upon it. Repetition was crucial for this project, I kept the same color scheme and used thorns as a repeating kind of symbol in addition to my logo. I had a much easier time keeping it simple for expounding on the business card.

In fact, I ended up putting a quote on my business card since I did front and back. The quote I chose was “Look good while you take over the world!” I think it is representative of my company. Hopefully, I can continue to improve on it.


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