Final Business Design

Haute Villainy

“Look good while you take over the world!” That is the quote that my company would stand by. It was a long, difficult process finally making it this far, but I am happy with where my company stands.

Illustrator gets easier to use every time. There were still some problems, and I think that it could still do with some improvements. I think my business card is my favorite part of it. Thinking of the way my logo has improved over time makes me happy that I ended up spending so much time on it.

Final project business card and envelope.

Some parts of my project ended up working out through a mistake or two I made. I think it is funny that mistakes can make for a better design.

I think the past two projects have been interconnected and it is fun that it is coming to an end. I have learned a lot more about font and placement of things. I think that I still have a lot more to learn about fonts (I have a hard time telling sans serif from serifs apart.) and hopefully I will be able to become as good of a designer as Robin Williams, the author of our book.

Final letterhead

I still feel a bit iffy about the vine on the bottom but I think it is a definite improvement over the last letterhead and it connects well with the whole set. Overall, I really like the purple and yellow theme because it isn’t just the typical red for villains theme.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these designs too! If you have suggestions for improvement or want to ask how I figured something out in Illustrator, like how to shade the face, feel free to comment!


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