Last Day


This class has taught me a lot about different Adobe programs and about not being afraid to experiment and change your plans. Especially all throughout this project and the logo project, I learned to not be afraid to throw out everything I had been working on to start over.

I made a whole different tree originally for this project, then I figured out it was too ugly, so I scrapped it and made this one. Except I made it on a portrait paper instead of landscape so I had to figure out scaling too.

The tree gave me a lot of problems on this project but I knew I had to have it as the centerpiece. I actually switched around the icons and made new ones because the old ones looked more like ink stamps.

Regardless, I made it work and then struggled through tracing it so I could have the boundaries to cut out. These are pictures of the project prior to cutting it because I handed it in before taking a picture.

family history pamphlet 1
Inside page of the pamphlet

I accidentally formatted the text with lots of information on FamilySearch and Ancestry on the inside page without accounting for cutting so I went back to the drawing board on what to include and what to take out.

family history pamphlet 2
Outside of the pamphlet

These pictures were very fun to look through and find. I wanted to find pictures of people of all different ethnic backgrounds so that everyone might be able to feel a connection to someone they see on here.

It was amazing to get to work on this and see all the different skills I had acquired through this class come in handy for this project.

I think I will always remember to NOT BE A WIMP! Embrace contrast and all the good it can do. I will remember the five principles of design and probably continue to struggle with typography for a while.

Overall, thank you this visual media class.


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