Mock Interviews

In the first one I am interviewing Nicole Cannon for the position of a graphic designer at NASA. In the next interview, I am being interviewed for the positon of Publicity Assistant at Penguin Young Readers by Mckenzie Marcum. Advertisements

TED Talk

TED Talk “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.” The principle of the golden rule existed even in Confucius’ time. So what is the golden rule? “Do unto others as you want done unto you.” Most of us learn it as a child, treat others the way you want to … More TED Talk

Memory Speech Outline

  Memory Powerpoint Hook: “I’ve always been fascinated by the operation of memory – the way in which it is not linear but fragmented, and its ambivalence.” – Penelope Lively What does this mean? Memory is all over the place. You remember random things and you forget different things. What does ambivalence mean? It means … More Memory Speech Outline

Last Day

Final This class has taught me a lot about different Adobe programs and about not being afraid to experiment and change your plans. Especially all throughout this project and the logo project, I learned to not be afraid to throw out everything I had been working on to start over. I made a whole different … More Last Day

Logo Business

Brainstorming Brainstorming was actually really fun. I think I went a little crazy with all the different designs but I enjoyed myself. It was difficult to put those in Illustrator though. Not only that but finding the right contrasting text was difficult for me. Even now I am not sure if I balanced readability well … More Logo Business